You no longer need to feel bad about leaving your Porsche in the garage while you enjoy a leisure trip out onto open waters. With a unique collaboration you can now get a superyacht that is styled by non-other than the German supercar brand.

The superyachts are built by Dynamiq, a Monaco-based self-labelled ‘dream team’ of yacht designers and naval architects. Dynamiq elected to have Porsche’s design firm head up both the exterior and interior creations. Dynamiq debuted their Jetsetter model at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show to showcase what they are capable of, and let’s just say it went off with a bang. While they will offer a small line of different sized water vessels the GTT 115 will be the first one produced.

GTT 115 stands for Grand Turismo Transatlantic, which is the marketing equivalent of saying fancy words just to up the appeal. Regardless of sneaky marketing techniques the GTT 115 is an exceptionally designed Yacht. The all aluminum hull was designed by Vripack and the interior will be thoroughly designed by Porsche. May sound strange, Porsche designing anything other than cars. But in reality, this firm has been around for decades. They are the masterminds behind every Porsche accessory you have ever seen.

The yacht is a 115-foot long luxury vessel that has everything and anything you could need for a nice ocean getaway. It comes equipped with two MAN diesel engines producing a combined 3,250horsepower. The MAN diesel engines are combined with two 20.8 kW electric motors for the times you would like to move the vessel without disturbing the fishies. These engines give the GTT 115 a max cruising speed of 21-knots. This tells me this superyacht may have a Porsche name, but it definitely doesn’t have Porsches racing heritage. Luckily the GTT 115 makes up for it with an outstanding range of 3,400 nautical miles, enough for it to actually make it across the Atlantic.

While the GTT has a rather large range it really is suited for much shorter jaunts. With a shallow draft just under 5 feet deep, the GTT will fit right in cruising through the Mediterranean or Caribbean. While you are cruising to your favorite destination you will be able to enjoy signature Porsche elements like houndstooth deck cushions and a plethora of other features lifted right from the 911 R catalog. And while the exterior can be picked in either Porsche Carrara White, Rhodium Silver, Chalk or Monte-Carlo Blue, it’s the interior that really gets done up by the Porsche design firm.

Once you go below deck you will see either three or four luxury cabins, all finished in an exquisite saddle brown Luxor Beige leather, paired nicely with Sahara Noir marble and of course, carbon fiber trim. The furniture was left to an Italian design firm by the name Minotti. Which to me seems kind of odd. I mean I get that the Yacht is assembled in Italy, but with Porsche on the label you would think they would keep it to an all German crowd. Weird. With those facets set in stone everything else on the GTT 115 becomes configurable to the new owners. Which sounds like a luxury until you factor in that you have to shell out a hair over thirteen million dollars to make this your own. Yeahhh, what did you expect with ‘superyacht’ in the title?

Anyway, what is truly unique about the GTT 115 is that only 7 will be produced. Ever. 7. That’s absurd. Yet maybe it isn’t. I actually have no idea what the average fleet size of a superyacht is. If you felt bad about Porsche making its one-millionth 911 and decided you want something truly exclusive, the GTT 115 by Dynamiq may be the superyacht just for you.

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