Why on earth would you put a 562hp Ferrari V8 into the small unassuming Toyota 86 you ask? I guess the only answer to that, is why not. Pro Drifter Ryan Tuerck is very well acquainted with the 86 as he currently competes behind the wheel of a Scion FR-S, the identical triplet of the 86 and Subaru’s BRZ, in the current Formula Drift series. But he has plans on making a new one of a kind car that has never been seen before.

Tuerck in his Scion FR-S Formula Drift Car Photo: tune86
Tuerck in his Scion FR-S Formula Drift Car
Photo: tune86

The focal point and sure to be what will set this car apart from any other Toyota, Subaru or Scion will be the Ferrari F136 V8 that powered the Ferrari 458. You’ll remember this engine was naturally aspirated and produced 562hp even though it was fairly small in size, at least in comparison to American motors. Tuerck is referring to the project as a JDM+Italian Supercar and once it is completed it is sure to be a sight to behold. The 86 chassis is already known as a fun to drive car because of its lightweight and rear wheel drive. Jeremy Clarkson once referred to it as the easiest car to get sideways that you can buy. Now that was with the standard 200hp four cylinder engine that came stock, we are talking about adding almost three times the power so this car is going to be a blast to drive I can only imagine. The exact details are still limited but we will continue to follow this build and we are looking forward to seeing, and hearing that Ferrari engine doing some work.

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