The Donkervoort D8 GTO RS is as much of a handful as it is a mouthful. We previously covered the details of this incredible car, but now they are building a special edition. The ‘Bare Naked Carbon Edition’ is an absolute stunner.

Donkervoort PR

Donkervoort knows a thing or two about styling. Their D8 GTO is an already stunning spin on the classic roadster design. And yet here we are, pushing the styling envelope to the absolute max. As I’m sure you have guessed, this special edition has more carbon than the air in China, and it is all beautifully exposed. Other than that you still get the supreme performance of the standard GTO RS, meaning 0-60 in just 2.7-seconds.

Because Donkervoort has been throwing out the words ‘bare’ and ‘naked’ it was a little baffling to see the car. I mean, it’s blue. Like really blue. Did they dye the carbon weave? Is the name some kind of play on words? The Dutch do have a unique sense of humor after all. But when you get closer, the reality of what Donkervoort has built comes into view and it’s pretty spectacular.

Donkervoort PR

Donkervoort has already been known to use a transparent UV protectant to coat their patented X-Core carbon technology. But for the ‘Bare Naked’ Special edition cars Donkervoort has mixed it up, and added a small amount of color pigment to the transparent paint. By doing so they are able to give the car a vibrant color, all while showcasing the incredible carbon weave underneath. With 95% of the D8 GTO RS’s bodywork being carbon fiber, it makes for an unbelievably good looking car. Donkervoort did add some colorless bare carbon bits for contrast, particularly the mirrors and window trim.

The ‘Bare Naked Carbon Edition’ makes the D8 GTO RS look like it’s produced in fleets. This special edition Donkervoort will only be done a total of 15 times, and each one will set you back $217,000 USD. $50,000 is a pretty steep price jump for special paint. Yet if you combine the gorgeous exterior with the fact that you only have to share it with 14 other people in the world, that just might justify the cost.

Donkervoort PR

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