When you think of fair drag races, nobody in their right mind would put the Mustang Shelby GT350 against the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. After all, the Dodge is made primarily for serious straight-line acceleration, while the Shelby is a track car created for carving through turns with incredible balance.

It’s not a fair comparison at all, but that’s what makes a head-to-head against the two so much fun. After all, when a Challenger Hellcat took on a Tesla Model S and lost epically, everyone went wild over it. The fact is that putting two different types of cars against each other on a drag strip is fun, because of the differences and how they play out in the quarter mile.

Back to the Dodge vs Ford smackdown. Bay Area Racing had the brilliant idea of having both cars, bone-stock, race against each other in a quarter mile dash that seems like it wouldn’t be fair at all. After all, the Challenger Hellcat’s supercharged V-8 throws down 707 horsepower, which makes it the automatic winner, right?

To help level the playing field at least a little, both cars were running manual transmissions. You can tell from the video below that the Hellcat driver is short-shifting, which gives him an advantage, so that kind of negates the comparison. As some people have rightly pointed out, the Dodge driver could have been doing this to avoid massive wheelspin, something that absolutely killed the one Hellcat when it was spanked by the Tesla.

Now watch the video and enjoy the supercharger whine of the Dodge, and the high-revving guttural madness of the Ford. Then decide which car is truly better:

People will be debating for a long time which car was the actual winner, and that’s great. But what really matters is that America is churning out some killer performance cars that don’t cost as much as a house. It’s power to the people, literally, and that’s always a good thing.

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