This winter has been bittersweet here in the Rocky Mountains. It started out strong, showing signs that it might be a record year. But then the snow just stopped coming. Now I;m struggling to get my “fix” and have resorted to living vicariously through other people who are still getting snowed on. In doing so I came across this video put out by your everyday rider and felt the need to share it for a few reasons. First, it’s well done with good clean footage which is always tricky with amateur videos. The second thing is the overall idea behind the video. We’ve all seen the movie Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray, where he relives the same day over and over. YouTuber Joe Littlehorn took the idea behind Groundhog Day and applied it to the life of a snowmobiler.

This of course got me daydreaming about how amazing it would be to relive the indescribable feeling I had earlier this season riding 2-feet of untracked powder. There’s no combination of words that can do justice for days like that. Joe has an interesting take on the subject and wrote a little blurb for the description of the video that I’ve also included below.

For many years, many people have tried to find the one word that describes what it feels like to go snowmobiling. People might use words like “Adrenaline” to describe a big drop or a sick line they took up a gnarly creek bottom. Our best effort to describe something that can only be called “indescribable” results in the broad word “Passion”. The truth is that it has to be experienced. Not just about jumps and cool lines, it’s a time to connect with family and friends. True snowmobiling means to be connected with nature, in all of its aspects, no matter who we are, how we ride, or what we ride. And however it may be described, it is something that we wish we could re-live–over and over again.
-Joe Littlehorn

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