It’s been a long time coming, but the crossover craze has finally taken over the world. Seriously, everyone and their sister is currently making some type of crossover, or small SUV in disguise. I get it. Currently, crossovers are the new thing that everyone seems to want. With that style outselling everything else under the sun I can see how these two Italian giants could want a piece of the action, but there are so many reasons for them not too.

Let’s get this clear, no one buys a Ferrari or a Lamborghini for their practicality. It’s actually quite the contrary. People buy these cars because they are absurd. They are loud, fast and impractical. That’s what we love about them. Ferrari has even made several grand touring cars that feature a full-size trunk and a pair of back seats, and that’s all you should ever need from the flashy Italians. Yet here we are, staring down the barrel of a smoking gun that is the millennials car.

The crossover is thriving because of our new found ‘do it all’ mentality. A mentality we desperately need to break. What was wrong with diversity in the auto industry? If you wanted a sporty, fun car you would go with something small and light, like a Miata or a Z from Nissan. Or maybe you wanted economy over all else, then a Corolla or Accord was in your future. Or maybe you wanted something that could take you and the family offroad for a camping weekend, boom 4runner or a jeep. Plenty of options to pick from. But then it became about getting your cake and eating it too. Now the guy with a Miata also wants to haul a load of lumber, while the person in the Corolla wants to outrun his buddies Mustang. Unreasonable is what it is.

And before you get carried away I know what you are going to point out, that both Porsche and BMW already have crossovers out. Ones that actually sell pretty well. Trust me, I know. But those terrible excuses for automobiles don’t deserve a Ford badge, let alone BMW or Porsche. They are a smack to the face of what both companies have accomplished and it makes me sad to see Ferrari and Lamborghini considering the same fate.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t have any crossovers, because that would be insane. But we should also be realistic of what a crossover can and can not be. For starters, a crossover should be anything but a ‘performance vehicle.’ No one needs to carry kids, groceries, the family dog, and a kayak while doing a 1.05G skidpad. Or a 3-second 0-60. If anything a crossover should be for those that are seeking utility and reliability with a little bit of economy sprinkled in there. And guess what? We have cars for people like that. The Rav4 is a perfect example, or even the Subaru Outback if you are into something like that.

What I’m saying is let’s get rid of this idea that any single car manufacturer can do it all, and instead embrace the fact that they don’t have to. Let’s keep our Jeep’s offroad capable, our Carolla’s reliable, and most of all let’s keep our Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s as far away from practical as possible. Unfortunately Ferrari has reportedly given a crossover the green light, with a rough target around 2021. Maybe if we raise a big enough hoopla over it we can get them to change their mind. So who’s with me? I mean seriously, just look at these renderings… hideous.

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