Some people have an unquenchable need for speed and they are willing to do just about anything to get their fix. If that’s you, it helps to have the skills required to build something that will blow your mind and that’s exactly what this machine shop owner did. His name is Adam and he built a trike unlike anything else on the road. He calls it the AMT3 and while you might think it’s the one of a kind design that sets it apart from all the rest, it’s the powerplant sourced from a Kawasaki Ninja 900R that will land this vehicle on every moto enthusiasts wish list.

Adam started the build with the high strung, high revving engine from a Ninja 900R and then proceeded to custom build a tube frame cage around it. The end result may not be the most attractive design, but where it lacks beauty, it makes up for it in the performance category. That’s because the car/trike only weighs an estimated 730lbs, which isn’t a whole lot of weight to move around when you have an engine with a 12,000rpm redline. Adam hasn’t released the exact power specs on the AMT3, but it’s safe to say there is going to be no shortage of power with such a light car.

What’s even more impressive about this vehicle is that Adam has somehow managed to make it street legal. That’s right, thanks to the addition of a few things such as turn signals and headlights, the AMT3 is road legal in British Columbia where Adam’s shop is located. It was built to be lightning fast, but not just on the long straightaways, he also wanted his creation to handle the bends with the best of them. To pull this off, he designed and custom built a set of control arms and a coilover suspension system and when combined with the various parts sourced from small sports cars, the AMT3 handles like it’s on rails.

This particular vehicle caught my eye as just a few months back, we here at Moto Networks spent an entire week with another three-wheeled vehicle, the Polaris Slingshot. It was my first time driving something like that and I was blown away by the conflicting feelings of both being planted, as well as that rear when constantly wanting to break loose. I was immediately hooked after a short period of time behind the wheel of the Slingshot. So I can only imagine how fun it must be to pilot the AMT3.

Here you can check out the detailed breakdown and drive test of the AMT3.

Photo: deviantart

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