This isn’t your regular old “dune buggy” that most people think of as a sand vehicle. And really it’s best not to refer to them as “buggies” at all. They call them sand cars, and in this particular case I believe the term sand supercar is needed. What started out as an X-2R built by Buckshot Racing was then customized and fitted with all sorts of upgrades. One of the most significant is without a doubt the twin turbo LSX motor built by CBM Motorsports. These guys apparently have learned how to bring the beast out of an LS motor, because according to reports the one in the back of this X-2R is putting out a neck snapping 2,000hp.

The X-2R sits on a 130-inch wheelbase and to put that into perspective, a 2017 Ford Raptor SuperCab sits on 133″ and the SuperCrew sits on a 145-inch wheelbase. The X-2R is fitted with long travel 3.0 King Bypass shocks on all four corners, which should make it ride like a Caddy over the whoops and handle any jump you would be willing to hit. And even with the 2,000hp engine stuffed into the back, the whole thing still weighs in at around 3,000lbs. Again for perspective, the Gen 2 Raptor weighs in around 5600lbs. That is a ridiculous amount of power and when you mix that in with an already stout sand car build that’s super lightweight. Even the interior of this thing is built with the fit and finish of a high-end supercar.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a whole lot on the exact details but I’ve reached out to the builders to see what I can track down. In the meantime, check out this short teaser video and listen to the sweet sound of a twin turbo V8 with 2,000hp.

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