Calling this bike a Cafe Racer is an insult to customs everywhere. It’s not that this bike is bad, it’s actually quite the opposite. This bike is so radical, it deserves its own category. And yet I am at a loss on what to call it.

Straight from Mylasian, Beautiful Machines is right back at it again. We have previously showcased their ‘Puting Beliung‘ Harley-Davidson, one of the coolest bikes I have ever seen. This time the bike in question is aptly named ‘Mentadak,’ or Praying Mantis in Rajay Singh’s native tongue. Built off of an SR400, Mentadak is an incredible creation that breaks almost every single mold. The bike has had quite the transformation, looking drastically different in its last full feature. It’s an unusual approach, taking a bike that is seemingly complete, and rebuilding it into something completely different. Yet that is exactly what Beautiful Machines has done.

Originally built as a beach racer, the SR400 was radically modified, all in the name of performance. Everything about it was stripped down to the bare bones. It was so basic that Beautiful Machines didn’t even equip it with a seat. So while they took every measure to make sure the bike was as light as possible, they didn’t mind adding a little weight in the shape of a supercharger. Yup, you read that right. A supercharged SR400 sounds like the kind of radical thinking we need a lot more of. Now in its current state Mentadak is mechanically similar, but with an entirely new look.

Because of sand’s natural ability to get into absolutely everything, Beautiful Machines had to take the SR back down to the frame for the rebuild. Since they got this far, they went ahead and disassembled the engine, checking all the internals for good measure. With a trying R&D process, it was no surprise to see that the engine was in pristine condition, able to be slapped back together for a lot more action. The SR’s engine had previously been dialed by Beautiful Machines and a collaboration with Irwann Cheng. In that time they fitted the engine with an 8:1 Weisco piston, ported and polished heads and of course that sweet little Aisin AMR300 supercharger. Utilizing a Keihin FCR-MX carb and a custom made exhaust the Mentadak is possibly the greatest sleeper of all time.

The frame went from a bare performance race frame to something with a little more bling. Beautiful Machines’ reinforced the frame to make it more rigid, then spent some extra time smoothing out all of their welds. Once they were happy with the shape they decided to finish the entire unit with a nickel finish so smooth you can easily see your reflection. That finish is carried out through the swingarm and solid rear struts. Then you get to the hand fabricated tail section, it looks like it is coated, but in fact, it is just been painstakingly hand polished to a mirror like finish. The same goes for the engine cases, and well, really anything that isn’t the frame itself.

Likely the most notable feature of Mentadak, besides the supercharger, has to be the gas tank. Or in this case, lack there of. While it is a metal cylinder that carries liquid, easily qualifying it as a tank, it instead looks like a small bottle that was mounted to the frame. The original concept was for it to resemble that of a scuba tank, because of the beach races. Now, the bottle has been lowered and set back further, showcasing the unique style of this build. Beautiful Machines’ also gave the tank the full polished makeover, a great sign that this is anything but a simple scuba tank.

When ‘Mentadak’ was originally being dreamt up it was first envisioned as a ridiculously cool Cafe Racer. Now after its spell as a stripped down race bike, ‘Mentadak’ is attempting to re-kindle those Cafe Racer roots. Beautiful Machines’ hand bent some impressive clubman style handlebars, to which they fastened a sleek set of controls. The final touch for ‘Mentadak’ came when Beautiful Machines’ created the LED headlight. Which happens to be housed beautifully in a polished aluminum housing.

All said and done, this SR400 took hundreds of hours to get to this point, a small price to pay for a bike of this caliber. Beautiful Machines’ wanted a custom Cafe Racer, and I’m sorry to say this isn’t it. ‘Mentadak’ somehow manages to have styling cues from Cafe Racers, Bobbers, and board-trackers all wrapped into one package. So what do you call such a bike? I don’t know. But I do know this has to be one of the wildest SR builds we will ever see, regardless of what category it falls in.

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