Using a 1950 Cadillac to tow a wakeboard boat seems like a ridiculous idea to most people, but that’s exactly why it had to be done. There’s a company based out of Houston Texas called Wet Sounds that specializes in marine audio equipment and they’re also known to build some wild custom boats as well. When they decided to build a custom rig to tow these high-quality boats they contacted Rod Neilson from Hot Rods Restos and what they came up with is not really a car and definitely not a truck, hence the use of the word “rig”.

Rod Nielsen standing next to his masterpiece. Photo: streetmachine
Rod Nielsen standing next to his masterpiece.
Photo: streetmachine

This glorious machine that you see before you started as a 1950 Cadillac coupe and has been chopped and reworked from the ground up to create a genuine one of one type vehicle. We’re not sure if there’s a specific name for it but we thought Copper Cummins Caddy was pretty fitting. Oh, that’s right I forgot to mention that there’s a 5.9L Cummins that’s both cryo and meth injected with an upgraded twin turbo setup, and just for fun a shot of nitrous. The projected specs on this thing as you can imagine are quite spectacular with 800hp and 2,000lb-ft of torque, and that’s to the wheels on both figures.

Photo: exploregram
Photo: exploregram

Every single body panel on this build has been either stretched, chopped, or modified in some way, shape, or form. Once all that was completed it was painted in that sinister black suede with the eye-catching copper accents. So it not only will run with the power of a pissed off ox on steroids, but also will look like a damn supermodel while its snapping necks of the unexpecting buddies in the passenger seat. Speaking of snapping, one thing you won’t need to worry about is snapping axles because under that mean looking body sits full one-ton suspension on air bags with 8 lugs all the way around.

Check out the matching custom  Tige R2Z in the background. Photo: streetmachine
Check out the matching custom Tige R2Z in the background.
Photo: streetmachine

Wet Sounds is saying they will be using this to tow a wakeboard boat as well as being a more or less a driving billboard for the company. We have no doubt that it’s going to be capable of pulling that kind of weight and probably much more. And maybe it’s just the logistical part of my brain here but I can’t imagine backing this beautiful car ass deep in water to launch a boat. Who knows, maybe they’ve already thought of that and have come up with a workaround or something. They did install a hidden hitch afterall. Although it was on the display at this year’s SEMA show, the Copper Caddy isn’t 100% finished quite yet. It still needs a few things here and there like windows and unfortunately a hood even if it seems like a crime to cover up a work of art like that engine.

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