It’s hard this time of year not to be excited for summer. Just like when the fall season comes around and you feel that first chill in the air you start dreaming about the short cold days spent in deep snow. But winter’s not over yet. Here we are in the middle of a massive 2-3 day storm as Magic March seems insistent on leaving us with the goods and in those goods we shall partake. And knowing it could be one of our last great days of the year, we’re extra stoked about it. As in, can’t stop thinking about how good it’s going to be.

You’re probably wondering about now where I’m going with this. Let me introduce you to Brain Farm. They’re well known for their epic snowboarding series featuring none other than Travis Rice. These snowboarding films literally changed the way action sports movies are both made and watched. Everything these Brain Farm guys touch is beyond Amazing. Take for example, Convergence. A short film they made for Polaris Snowmobiles featuring Dan Adams and Travis Rice. And that’s where I’m going. On nights like this there is nothing better for fanning the stoke then watching movies like this one.

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