There are very few things that can bring a sense of satisfaction like being in the great outdoors. As Moto Enthusiasts, one of those things happens to be what we do outdoors, and maybe more importantly how we get there. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t shy away from the challenge of getting to that extreme remote location where only a high-quality off-road machine can get there, we found the perfect mode of transportation for you. Especially if you plan on staying awhile once you do make it. It’s called the Earthroamer XV-HD and as you can probably tell, this is not a vehicle for the average Joe.

The technical term for this type of off-road machine is a Luxury Overland Vehicle. Earthroamer is a Colorado based company that appears to have taken overlanding to a new level. They have two main models, the XV-HD and XV-LTS, the former being the largest of the two. The XV-LTS is based on the Ford F-550 chassis, so it’s not small by any definition of the word. It’s just that the XV-HD is based on the F-750 heavy duty chassis and therefore is straight up massive. Earthroamer has meticulously worked on perfecting these luxury overland vehicles so that they can not only take you anywhere you want to go, but allow you to stay there for quite some time, all while enjoying the creature comforts of a 4-star hotel.

XV-LTS on the left, XV-HD on the right
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One of the many things that make the Earthroamers so appealing is the fact that they are almost completely self-sufficient. They do this by loading just about everything you can think of onto the truck, most importantly fuel and water. But that’s not all, you also have a massive rooftop solar array that stores power in a lithium battery bank which will help conserve energy and fuel much longer than a standard RV. That also means there’s no need for noisy generators or propane tanks hanging around. Which is a good thing because the last thing you’d want to do is puncture one of those tanks on a rock when out in the middle of nowhere.

Let’s talk capacities because when it boils down to it, that’s what makes the difference when it comes to long term camping. Strategically tucked away are the gigantic fuel and water tanks, and by gigantic I mean 115 gallons of fuel and 250 gallons of water. There’s also a 125 gallon “black water tank” on board as well. Now full disclosure, I had to look up what a black water tank is and apparently it’s water that’s intended to be used for sinks, showers, toilets, and other things of that nature. Needless to say, they have you covered on the water front. As far as power storage, the solar panels are capable of generating 2,100 watts of power, all of which is stored in a massive battery bank that can hold 20,000-watt hours of juice.

If you’re familiar with these heavy duty truck chassis, you’ll know that the F-750 doesn’t come with 4WD from the factory. But of course having power sent to all four wheels is incredibly important for an overland vehicle, so Earthroamer had to make their own. They added a solid axle up front with a user selectable transfer case.

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The passenger area is made out of fiberglass using the latest in vacuum infusing technology which makes it both incredibly strong and much lighter than other RV-like cabins. Even still when taking this enormous beast offroad things are going to get a bit top heavy. To combat that, Earthroamer installed an air ride suspension that uses a hydraulic leveling system to help keep things under control when the roads get rough, or even better when the road ends. To ensure the body was as weatherproof as possible, the Earthroamer engineers worked tirelessly to ensure it was made out of one single piece so there are minimal seams and sealants to maintain. They also insulated the entire body using a spray in foam so that you can use the XV-HD in both the hottest of the hot and the coldest of the cold temperatures.

Other unique features include an automatic charging system that uses two engine driven high amperage alternators that can rapidly charge the battery bank. Sensors can detect if the bank is getting low and will automatically start the truck for a 30-minute run cycle. The entire electrical system on the truck can be controlled from one location using whats called a touch screen master control center. This allows the operator to quickly assess all the vital systems including tank levels, battery level, charging information and overall vehicle status. It even has a “store vehicle” button that will turn off all systems so that you can properly store the XV-HD without all the automatic systems continuing to run.

Once you get to your perfect camp spot and have your XV all set up, you can enjoy the outdoor living features included on the vehicle. You know, the little things that you might not think of at first, but make all the difference when it comes to using them. Some of the features I’m referring to are the slide out exterior kitchen that will allow you to cook up a feast while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. If the sun is blazing, there’s even a retractable awning that will give you some much-needed shade. If you’re a night owl and don’t start cooking till after the sun goes down, you have a full LED lighting system that will provide more than enough light to cook that perfect steak. Last, but surely not least, is the exterior shower that is perfect for a quick cool down, or if you need to spray down the kids who have been playing in the mud all day.

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What might be the best part about the XV-HD is the fact that Earthroamer can completely customize both the interior floor plan and exterior of the vehicle to suit your specific needs. As you’ve probably guessed by now, this level of luxury and off-road capability doesn’t come cheap, as a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite. Each vehicle XV-HD will have a base price of, you might want to sit down for this, $1.5 million. And that’s not counting any additional features you might request during the build. In order to have them start building one, they require a deposit of $375,000 to reserve the next production spot. Since the XV-HD is the latest model that technically hasn’t been released yet, you probably want to get on that list as soon as possible if you’re interested in getting one for yourself. The first two vehicles are currently in production and we should see them in action later on this fall.

It may cost a small fortune to buy one, but if there ever was an example of the old saying “you get what you pay for,” I feel like the Earthroamer XV-HD is it. Just think of the priceless memories you’ll have with your family and friends using it, and suddenly that price is a bit more justifiable.

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XV-LTS in action out in Moab
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