By now the Ford GT has just about won over its V6 naysayers. While a fire-breathing V8 would be entertaining, I love the fact that the GT makes the most out of modern tech, resulting in that beautiful Ecoboost V6. But in case you are still hoping Ford will see ‘the light’ sometime soon, maybe it’s time you check with one of the world’s leading car experts in Chris Harris.

Chris is great at pinpointing what makes a car good, and not so good while going sideways at 100mph. The guy is so good that I often find myself having a hard time talking just watching him drive, let alone actually pulling it off. And yet the guy does it time and time again. His ability to break down a car mid slide is unparalleled, even by the great Jeremy Clarkson. And yet I am somehow always blown away watching him drive. There is something intangible about his effortless demeanor that both excites me and pisses me off. The guy has more skill in his right foot than most of us have in our entire bodies, and yet he acts like he is just taking a casual stroll through the park.

I think that is why it is so entertaining when he finally gets into a car that has a proper chassis. The Ford GT is just that car. While everyone was focused on the ‘right’ engine choice for an American Supercar, they seemed to have forgotten what the GT was meant for. And that is going around Le Mans really, really fast. As an evolution of the GT40, the Ford GT has lived up to that reputation and then some. The chassis is brilliant, making quick work of anything remotely twisty. Combine that with massive downforce thanks to the smart body design, well you have a car that handles like an absolute gem. But what am I telling you that for? Chris Harris is the expert here. Check it out, and try not to let it get you down. We can’t all be this good at driving.

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