There is no denying we can be a bunch of BMW fanboys at times. Okay, most of the time. And while we do tend to play favorites with BMW, we also manage to obsess over Germany’s other golden children. You know, Porsche and Mercedes. Thankfully we don’t have to pick favorites this time because this video has all three.

And as an added bonus, it also features one of our favorite journalists, Chris Harris. Seriously, someone pinch me, I think I’m dreaming. The battle for king of the German supercars has become increasingly tense between the big three as of late. Mercedes-AMG turned the class upside down with its massively fast AMG GT-R. While we have seen some beastly cars wear the AMG badge before, none has thrown down as hard as the new GT-R. Green like the Hulk, the GT-R comes in with a massive 577hp and a track width that could make a 59 Cadillac blush. Sprinkle in some serious tech like four wheel steering and active air flaps and you have a Mercedes that does a lap of the ring in just 7:10.92. No wonder they named the color ‘Green Hell Mango.’

Then you have the stunning GT3 RS. It’s as if Porsche can do no wrong. The GT3 RS went from being a great track car to being THE track car. It’s the new benchmark for comparison. Everything that goes fast in anything but a straight line will undoubtedly be compared to a GT3 at some point and time. It’s not a matter of if, but when. And it stands for good reason, the RS is absolutely incredible. So should we expect anything less from a German car that has been refined for over 50 years? No, no we should not. Still, even with expectations like that the RS can still wow us, and that is the testament of greatness.

And finally, you have the BMW. The M4 GTS is a far cry from BMW’s greatest hits. Sure, it’s fast. It’s also fairly decent looking. But it’s expensive, even for a BMW. And while the demand is there, it doesn’t seem to quite have the merit for one. To me, the entire 4 series is a blatant cry for attention and a sorry one at that. There was nothing wrong with having a coupe and sedan version of the 3-series, nothing at all. Besides that, the GTS seems like a parts bin catastrophe. The water injection system is a marketing scheme at best and the exterior styling reminds me of a fast and the furious movie. Overall the GTS was a far departure from what an M car was all about, performance at all cost.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Chris Harris has taken out each one of these cars in an attempt to showcase just how far the mighty have fallen. Or maybe it’s just how far the competition like Porsche and AMG have come? Either way, Chris breaks it down in spectacular fashion like he always does, sideways. Check it out below.

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