If you follow snowmobiling at all then surely you’ve heard of Chris Burandt. He is a two-time X-Games medalist as well as being one of the most highly respected backcountry riders in the world. So it’s fairly safe to say that he knows his way around a snowmobile. Burandt is also a very smart businessman and has set up Burandt’s Backcountry Adventures that specializes in a more extreme version of a snowmobile tour. Usually when you rent sleds and go for a guided tour, you’re in for a lot of trail riding at a snail’s pace as there is always a few beginners in the group and they slow everyone else up. That is absolutely not the case here. These tours, although they do take some beginners, are more designed for the experienced rider that wants to take it up a level.

PHOTO: AlpineMotorSports
PHOTO: AlpineMotorSports

There are multiple different packages and locations that BBA offers but the main location is located in Colorado. You have the option of going out with Chris himself, which is recommended for highly experienced riders, and usually consists of 3 days of riding and 4 nights lodging. It’s brilliant the way they have come up with this package where you can literally get off a plane, show up at the lodge where a top of line Polaris sled will be waiting for you, and all your lodging and food are taken care of as well. Its not exactly cheap though, but when put into consideration and what you’re getting for that money, as well as the priceless knowledge that you are sure to learn from one of the best backcountry riders in the world, it’s definitely worth it. If you have a decent amount of riding experience but wouldn’t quite consider yourself worthy of riding with Chris himself, there are other packages where you can get one-on-one guidance from one of the other top notch guides that work there.

PHOTO:  BurandtsBackcountryAdventures
PHOTO: BurandtsBackcountryAdventures

Some of the other packages available, for example lets say you want to bring your own sled instead of renting, you can save up to $350 a day. But unless you have a seriously badass sled, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to ride one of the sleds that had been tuned and put together by Polaris and Burandt’s team. I’m sure you could probably even pay a little bit more and get a chance to ride one of the Axys PRO-RMK Turbo’s that Burandt keeps posting epic tree runs of. I know that’s what I would want to do, but I’d take any Axys Polaris available.


What a great job it must be to run a outfit like this where you get to ride the best machines, ride with the highest level riders in the world, and get to snowmobile a great majority of the year. They have set up over 10,000 acres of land that only Chris and his guests get to ride on. That means that you would be almost guaranteed to have fresh tracks almost every time you go out riding. Sounds to us like that definitely jumps into the dream job category.

So if you are looking to up your riding game be sure to check out Burandt’s Backcountry Adventures and get out and enjoy the snow.

Here is an older video from 2011 that explains a little more about the great things that they are doing at BBA.


Here is Burandt on his Turbo Axys doing some sick sidehilling.

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