It is absolutely amazing what they are doing with snowmobiles these days. Especially when I look back to when I started riding on my grandpas 1990 indy 500 that had the SKS package which i think was a whopping 133in 3/4 paddle track, the longest track they had at the time if i remember correctly.
indy 500 side

indy 500

But now of course we have Sleds that have tracks over 16in wide, 174in long and 3in paddles! Oh and thats not to mention the Pro RMK 800 155 is about 50lbs lighter, 100hp more (170 hp vs 71 hp), and a completely different riding style and position than that old indy 500.

pro rmk side

pro rmk wheelie

pro rmk

Well Canadian rider Chris Brown has taken his Pro Rmk that has been set up with the Boost-it Turbo system and he had taken it out for a little test ride and we are lucky enough to go along for the ride. The video is short but the angle really puts things into perspective just how long and steep some of these hill are that these amazing machines are able to climb no. Granted this is not even close to a stock sled but its amazing none the less.

If you look back 10 years or so and look at some of the extreme skiing videos some of the chutes that these guys are skiing down nowadays snowmobiles are able to climb up them! So if you have never ridden a snowmobile i highly recommend putting it on your bucket list. That feeling of floating through the powder as your exploring country that you normally would never get access to, summitting the top of mountain and looking back down at the incredible terrain you went thru to get there, getting off your sled into chest high snow and wondering how in the world these machines effortlessly glide through that much snow. Its something thats very difficult to explain you just have to experience it for yourself to really understand great it really is. Kinda like sex and drugs.

chris brown summit pic

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