We love a good come from behind story, one that showcases skill over money. Unfortunately, in racing money can always buy things like better engines, fresher tires, much better tuning, and even endless amounts of training and support. This can put anyone without a thick wallet at quite the disadvantage. Chelsea DeNofa is one of these blokes that has faced a fairly uphill battle in his attempt to reach Formula Drift gold. So when Chelsea won the first round of last year’s Formula Drift series it was more than just win for him, it was a win for every bare bones team that dreams of competing. It also showcased how talented he is as a driver. Well for 2017 DeNofa is getting a new ride, one that should catapult him into contention.


No longer do we have to wonder what Chelsea can accomplish with some decent sponsorship behind him because he just became a part of one of the biggest teams in Formula Drift. While in standard trim the E46 BMW is no slouch, with the full race prep these cars go through it was alway down on power. Jumping into the RTR Mustang is like going from a Geo Metro to a Ferrari. It really doesn’t get any better than this. DeNofa was always forced to overdrive his little Bimmer just to compete, often leading the little M3 to implode. The new RTR mustang should not only provide enough power to compete with the big boys, but the reliability to compete consistently.


Built to the same spec as Gittins RTR, DeNofa is in for an absolute treat with is RTR. The RTR puts out around 1000BHP, all from a naturally aspirated 436-cubic-inch Rousch-yates V8. The chassis has been drastically overhauled to handle the rigorous challenges of drifting, with a final wet weight of 2800lbs. That combination makes the RTR an absolute rocket, one that likes to fly sideways.

Although Vaughn Gittin Jr and Chelsea DeNofa are now officially teammates, they will be sporting different liveries. Gittin will return to his monster energy Mustang that sports a new look for 2017, while DeNofa will be rocking a gorgeous purple BC Racing Nitto Tire RTR Spec 5-D machine. Both liveries look absolutely fantastic, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t care for the current Mustang.

With the Formula Drift season quickly coming up it’s an exciting time to get substantial news like this. It appears as if Chelsea is getting acquainted with his new mustang just fine, just check out this promo video to see for yourself. Seriously that wheel lift is siiiiickk.

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