There’s always that guy with impeccable taste in cars, likely driving a rare Ferrari or Porsche of some sorts. The type of car that you envy as he rolls casually into your local Cars & Coffee. No matter what you drive you are instantly envious of this man thanks to his impeccable taste in cars, that is until he steps out. The moment the door swings up you are greeted with the worst sight in history, a god damn pair of New Balance shoes. It should be considered a crime to step into a high-end sports car with such pitiful footwear, and yet we allow it to happen far too often. What this man needs is a set of Car Shoes.

While the name might not sound enticing, the shoes speak for themselves. Crafted from a selection of high-end leathers like deerskin and calf(baby cows for us lamens), Car Shoes are every driver’s dream mocassin. They are expertly hand-crafted in Italy with a focus based on both performance and styling. The soles are constructed for ample grip for that perfect heel-toe transition. Even the heel featuring texture to keep it planted perfectly in the footwell. Moreover, you will no longer be left wearing dinky shoes that encourage cargo pants and a pocket t-shirt. You have taste in your car, let Car Shoes help you show off that taste in your wardrobe.

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