Throughout history, there has often been a race car that simply couldn’t be beaten. Typically it was too far ahead of its time, becoming the dominant force in its class. The Bugatti Type 35 is such a car, and quite possibly the first example of utter dominance. With around only 300 Type 35’s built it has become one of those holy grail types, where you may never see one for sale in you lifetime. And if you do be ready to spend a serious chunk of change. Lucky for you Pur Sang is here to offer you a reproduction of the Type-35, for a fraction of what an original would cost you.

Don’t you dare call it a kit car, or even a replica. Pur Sang is adamant that their design is as original as Ettore Bugatti was when he first created the Type 35 back in 1924. What Pur Sang has done is taken the Type 35 design and completely re-produced it. And I mean completely, everything about this car has been built in the same fashion with the period correct parts and design. It has been done so well you could easily place a Pur Sang next to an original Type 35 and not be able to distinguish the difference. That my friends, is quite impressive.

So how much will one of these re-production Pur Sang’s set you back? Well, because of Pur Sang’s unique build to order process there isn’t an exact price tag. The goal they strive for is 10% of what an original Type 35 would sell for. Sounds like a bargain right? Well, it is in a way. But even at 10% you are looking at shelling out anywhere from $250,000 to $300,000 USD to get your hands on a tribute. Hot damn that’s a lot of money. Yet at the same time, it seems like such a bargain to find something that operates at the exact same spec as the original.

Pur Sang doesn’t limit themselves to producing just a Type-35 either. They now offer up to 25 different options, but the Bugatti is definitely still the fan favorite. While most of us won’t be able to throw down the kind of money that one needs to even buy a replica, we thankful have shows like Jay Lenos Garage and The Smoking Tire that have shown Pur Sang’s creations deep in depth. Even Chris Harris took the Pur Sang for a good flogging. Between all these car enthusiasts the verdict was the same across the board, the Type-35 is an amazing car. And not just in that ‘Amazing for its time,’ kind of way. No, they all seem to genuinely agree the Type-35 still holds up even 90 years after it was built. That is likely something no other car will ever get to claim. Check out the Pur Sang on Facebook and Instagram. And of course make sure you pencil in some time to watch the following videos.

Jay Leno’s Garage

The Smoking Tire


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