Recently a video popped up on the Red Bull YouTube channel talking about Bryce Menzies wanting to break the world record for distance jumped in a truck. He is planning on taking his 900hp Pro2 truck out to the middle of nowhere and jumping it over an entire ghost town located somewhere in the southwest. The current record is 332 feet held by Tanner Foust, you might remember the video where he drives on the full size “Hot Wheels” track.

Photo: nobraking
Photo: nobraking

Now what it feels like to fly over the length of a football field, in the air, with a 5,000lb truck is a feeling very few people in the world will ever experience. When Foust made his jump he used a very tall ramp and you could tell there was some serious modifications made to the truck. Menzies appears as if he will be going that old fashioned route, using dirt ramps, and landings, and is claiming that he will use the same Pro2 truck used for racing with just a few minor changes. The jump, or flight, is scheduled to happen August 27th and it looks as if it will be something special. We will continue to bring you any information that surfaces regarding the jump as it comes available. Until then Red Bull has supplied a few teaser videos to show the level of preparation that is involved with a stunt of this magnitude.

And just in case you missed Foust’s record jump from 2011, this is what 332 feet looks like.

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