Brian Deegan is a true legend in the world of freestyle motocross. And as if that wasn’t cool enough, since he’s retired he traded in two wheels for four and now is well on his way to becoming a legend in that as well. Deegan is now a 6-time off-road racing champion and his particular discipline of choice is the wicked fast trucks that compete in the Pro 2 class. What that means is the truck has only rear wheel drive, where the Pro 4’s have four wheel drive. Think of the Pro 2’s as a much lighter variation of the Trophy Truck, but with different suspension capabilities. When Brian’s wife sends his lovely daughter Hailie to pass along the next item on the “honey-do list,” which is the dreaded yard work, rather than grabbing the lawnmower he grabs something significantly more fun, his 850hp Pro-2.

What happens next is something that every off-road enthusiast dreams of on a fairly regular basis. At least I do. Brian takes his beast of a truck out to the front yard, which is more like a giant field and proceeds to put on a hardcore hoon session that would impress even Bj Baldwin. This might not seem like the most efficient way of doing “yard work,” but then you would be underestimating the destruction that can be caused by 850+hp sent to just the rear wheels and a truck that looks like it weighs less than a Honda Civic. Anywhere that Deegan took his wicked Pro 2 no longer had weeds or grass.

Deegan teamed up with Monster Energy, The Martelli Brothers, and Mad Media to create this short film called “Yard Work” and let’s just say it doesn’t disappoint. The video was just released today, and just in case you didn’t pick up on the sarcastic nature of both the video and this article, let me go ahead and point out that Deegan wasn’t really trying to do the yard work. I notice in the comments of the video that people were actually complaining that “the yard work didn’t even get done.” And if that’s all you can think about after watching Deegan put on that show, including launching his Pro-2 off a massive jump numerous times, then I might have to question whether or not you’re a true moto and offroad enthusiast.

I think Pro 2 and Pro 4 racing would be in my top three favorite forms of off-road motorsport. So you can imagine, I was in complete “La-La Land” while watching this epic display of off-road prowess. And I’ve got a feeling you will be too.

Photo: briandeegan

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