What you see here is a bonafide race car, a BMW nonetheless. Normally when you think of a BMW race car you expect to see an M3, M4, or some other exquisite machine from the M Division, but there’s another that’s often forgotten and that’s the wicked 6 Series from the 1980’s, specifically the 635CSi. This particular example happens to have participated in Australia’s Touring Car Championship in both Group A and C wearing the John Player Special Livery. In the mid-80’s this was one of the most dominant cars on the race track, in fact, the sister car of the model you see here won 7 out of 10 Group A races in 1985.

If you wanted to get technical, you could argue that the 635CSi was an M car even though it didn’t carry the badge. I say that because BMW Motorsport developed the now famous M88 3.5L inline 6 cylinders sitting under the hood. It’s the engine that powered the very first M5 and M635CSi as well as BMW’s mid-engine supercar known as the M1. The exhaust note of this engine is the kind of sound that sends chills down your spine and warm fuzzies through your body thanks to an 8,000rpm redline and individual throttle bodies.

Photo: historicracer
Photo: roadandtrack
Photo: roadandtrack

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