Take a moment to admire this beauty that sits before you. It’s the legendary BMW 2002. Incredibly popular with both BMW and vintage sports car enthusiasts and for a whole list of reasons; it’s lightweight, it’s agile, and it’s the perfect platform for plug and play upgrades from other BMW models. This particular example has been fitted with all kinds of performance and cosmetic upgrades. And believe it or not, this gorgeous 2002 is now for sale on Bring a Trailer.

Photo: bringatrailer

There’s something about this little 2002 that’s incredibly appealing. The UPS livery isn’t ideal, but luckily can be removed if requested. Otherwise, this car is a work of art. According to the seller, the car was completely stripped down and placed on a rotisserie dolly in 2015 and has since been rebuilt from the ground up. Luckily there was minimal corrosion to begin with as the car lived most of its life in California. However, every panel was still taken down to bare metal and reworked to make it as good or better than when it left the factory back in 1974.

To give the car a more aggressive stance, fenders were widened and fiberglass flares added to help compensate for the larger tires all around. And the seller is quick to point out that the tires don’t rub under any circumstance and that’s impressive when you look at how minimal the clearance is. While the color looks brown, and the UPS livery makes you think it’s brown, apparently it’s a dark olive shade and with exception of a few rock chips up front, the paint is said to be in immaculate condition. To complete what might be the perfect exterior, it was fitted with period correct Cibie Oscar fog lights that really brings the look of the whole car together.

Photo: bringatrailer

The interior of the car is just as good. Everything was stripped out and either rebuilt or replaced with something significantly better. Take the seats for example; in 1974 the bolstering was minimal at best because it wasn’t needed. After all these upgrades, the new and improved 2002 will definitely hit the corners much harder and faster than before, so the seats were rebuilt to include more side support as well as 5-point race harness and NASA-spec roll cage. That way when you want to take this old girl out to the track, you’ll be fully compliant.

Let’s talk about the performance upgrades. With a car that looks this good from the outside, you’re probably expecting there to be a new BMW engine swapped in place of the old one. But instead there sits the original 2.0L M10 inline four, just not in its original form. Just like the rest of the car, it was dismantled and rebuilt from top-to-bottom and fitted with upgraded internals. Some of those upgrades include high compression pistons, 292 cams, and lightened piston rods just to name a few. The entire drivetrain was beefed up and upgraded as well with new axles, rebuilt 4-speed manual transmission and much more. This had to be done in order to handle the additional oomph coming from that naturally aspirated inline four. Speaking of which, no exact specs were given on the power but considering the car barely weighs anything, even a couple hundred horsepower would be more than enough.

As of this writing, the car is still for sale on Bring a Trailer and the current bid is just under $17,000. If you’d like to know all the parts and upgrades that were used on the car you can check out the full list here. There’s also an M5-swapped E39 Wagon that caught our eye as well.

Photos: bringatrailer

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