No this isn’t a battle of the dream jobs, although both Ken Block and Bj Baldwin would definitely be the heavily favored. It’s the Can-AM Time Attack where Baldwin and Block match up head to head in a timed hot lap where the best of four laps wins. It seems to be some sort of continuation of the Battle Broyale that was released the end of September where Block and Baldwin each had a team of three other drivers in a similar style event.

Block kicking up some dust Photo: hoonigan
Block kicking up some dust
Photo: hoonigan

The vehicles are the same Can-Am Maverick X3’s, which means they are very similarly equipped, although you do hear Block in the video joking about “how do they have their suspension set up” after Bj put down a faster lap time. The rules were the first two laps would be ran in two-wheel drive and the last two laps in AWD. Who would you think is going to pull off the win? The extremely talented rally driver and overall car control expert Ken Block or the also extremely talented off-road specialist that has driven just about everything with four wheels in the dirt, Bj Baldwin? These guys are not only friends but also indirect teammates through Hoonigan. So even though both Ken and Bj are extremely competitive and neither wants to lose to the other, in the end, its all in good fun and you could easily tell that they were genuinely having a blast.

Photo: hoonigan
Photo: hoonigan

I won’t ruin the final surprise but let’s just say it went back and fourth on each of the four runs. Bj was the king of the 2WD laps, but considering his Trophy Truck is also 2WD, that’s not a huge surprise. The last two laps the advantage moves to Block because as you already know, AWD is his specialty with his rally background and of course the Hoonicorn. So kick back and relax, maybe place a couple bets with your gearhead friends and watch these masters at work. I also wanted to add that I can honestly say the advertising in this video of the Maverick X3 definitely worked because I never would’ve thought I’d want one, but after watching how hard these guys push these things I actually want one.

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