After months of teasers, BJ Baldwin finally released the latest installment in the Recoil series. If you’re unfamiliar with the Recoil videos, they are the perfect representation of a hardcore offroad vehicle hoon session. BJ takes his 850hp Trophy Truck and smashes over and through some of the must unsuspecting locations and terrain. For example, previous videos were shot in Mexico, a forest in the Northwest, and of course the middle of the desert where the Trophy Truck feels most at home. And Recoil 4 follows the same format, and in no way is that a bad thing. Only this time it was shot in Cuba and it does not disappoint.

The way Bj handles that Trophy Truck is nothing short of amazing. This level of car control, or in this case truck control, is something that is normally only displayed by the likes of Ken Block in his Gymkhana videos. Bj does things with this Toyota based race truck that most people wouldn’t think possible. For those of us that are huge fans of this style of racing, we know that these trucks are capable of hitting speeds up over 140mph though some of the harshest terrain imaginable.

Photo: prnewswire

Aside from the extremely powerful engines, the most incredible part about these Trophy Trucks are without a doubt the suspension systems. There are numerous times where he jumps what seems like a country mile to land on flat ground, in some cases on just one wheel, but somehow the truck just takes it and continues on to the next obstacle leaving a massive rooster tail along the way. But when you really see the suspension working at its full potential is during the slow motion shot where he’s hauling ass over full-size logs that were laid down on the ground. But that’s as far as I’ll go with the spoilers, I’ll let you formulate your own opinion on this level of badassery.


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