Big Chief has been continually working on dialing in his new CrowMod drag car that’s become so famous after his wicked crash in the original steel bodied GTO Judge he called the Crow that he’d had since he was 16 years old. This new car is basically a ProMod car that’s made out of lightweight materials making the car more than 1,000lbs lighter than it was before, but still, has the same twin-turbo Pontiac motor that was in the previous car.

Photo: dragracingscene
Photo: dragracingscene

He took it out for the first time on the pro circuit of the NHRA at the U.S. Nationals just a few weeks back where things didn’t go exactly as planned, but he made a few passes which really that’s all he wanted to do. Well, this weekend he went back to his roots participating in smaller events, specifically the No Mercy 7 Radial race in Cecil, Georgia and so far he’s put on quite the show. These “Street Cars” that have 2,000-4,000hp will usually only run the 1/8th mile as we’ve probably mentioned before, so running anything under 5 seconds means you’re absolutely hauling ass. If you can drop into the sub 4-second range, well then you’re on another level and the “Big Chief” is now a part of that club. He went out and ran a 3.99 @ 190mph which is even more impressive considering he was running on radial tires! There are some rumors going around that it’s the new Pontiac World Record but that has yet to be confirmed.

The No Mercy 7 event is going on all weekend and there are some of the best and saddest cars in the world attending, so the CrowMod will definitely have its work cut out for it. But if Chief continues to run under 4 seconds there are very few cars that an compete with that, so I’d say his chances are pretty good.

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