If exciting racing is what you seek, the land that is Australia is your destination. Seriously, Australia’s V8 supercar series is one of many over the top exciting race series that the country down-under has to offer. And yet the micro version of that is just as awesome.


If ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ had a racing spin-off, I am fairly certain the leading cast would come from a series called Aussie Racing Cars(ARC). And don’t let the overtly bland name fool you, this series is a riot. The cars are styled after their full sized brethren but occupy only a fraction of the space. With only room for one person, the driver, these cars look like a little tikes cozy coupe that grew up to be a race car.

Virtually the same thing.

The chassis is purpose built for racing. The ARC cars utilize a tubular steel space frame design that has an integrated roll cage. This apparently gives the ARC cars 100% rigidity so there is zero flex mid corner. This promotes both corning speed and driver feedback. To propel the little scamps the series uses a spec 1.2-liter inline 4 that has a redline of 11,500RPM. That punchy little mill gives the ARC’s 125BHP and a top speed of 143mph. Combine that with the astonishing race ready weight of just 990lbs and you have yourself a feisty little car.

They may not be high horsepower monsters, but it’s worth noting this series can really scoot around a race track. The perfect combination of a light yet rigid frame, a spunky power plant that revs for days, and the Yokohama spec sticky tires allows these Aussie Racing Cars to rally corners like you wouldn’t believe. They are able to brake much later into each and every corner, and even more speed through it due to the dimensions and unique one-person layout. These 1/2 scale cars are able to hit up to 2G’s mid corner. 2G’s! That’s impressive for something that looks like it’s sold at Walmart.


The other aspect of racing like this is cost. Running such a small light package your overall season will cost you much less. It’s the kind of racing you enjoy more, and stress over less. But it’s not just fun because it’s cheaper, it’s fun because it’s competitive. The entire class is spec, which means everything has to meet regulations or you get disqualified. This evens the playing field by putting everyone on the same exact equipment. Once it has been properly setup, it becomes all about the driver. That my friends is the kind of racing anyone should be able to get behind.

The other beautiful aspect of a low-cost spec class like Aussie Racing Cars is definitely the fact that more people can afford to race. This gives you a massive field of drivers to compete against, which is the dream of every racing fan. I mean, check out this video below and then tell me don’t want to try it. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Or this crazy race. After the wreck skip to 13:36 for the rest of the action.


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