Aston Martin and Red Bull announced their partnership around March of last year, detailing a ground-breaking hypercar that we now know is called the AM-RB 001. Now we are seeing the full extent of their partnership, presenting itself with the all-new Red Bull Racing Edition Vantage and Vantage S. It’s an interesting approach from both Aston and Red Bull, an unlikely partnership. Where Aston tends to be more reserved in its styling, Red bull typically attempts to be very bold, making for a unique dynamic. The new Livery is exceptional looking, sleek and subtle. These Special Editions will not incorporate any mechanical changes or upgrades, focusing primarily on the aesthetics.

The Racing Edition comes in three different colors, Gloss Mariana Blue, Matte Mariana Blue and Gloss Tungsten Silver. Each of these will come equipped with a carbon fiber grille, side vents, and painted brake calipers all featuring either a red or yellow accents on each piece. Carbon Fiber side mirrors and a carbon fiber center console will also come standard.

For your loyalty to the Red Bull program, you also receive black leather seats embroidered with red stitching and a gorgeous Red Bull Racing logo situated nicely on the headrest. The real kicker will be inside the door sill, where you can have a plaque signed by either of Red Bull Racing’s high profile drivers, Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen.

Prices have yet to be announced, but with an MSRP around $137k for the base V8 Vantage I’m sure it won’t be cheap. However, compared to an actual Formula 1 Red Bull Racing car, it is at least feasible. They are expected to go on sale around the beginning of this year’s Formula One season.

In my opinion, you have to go with the V12 Vantage S in gloss Mariana Blue with yellow detailing signed by Daniel Ricciardo. I mean c’mon, that’s the only choice that makes sense right?


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