Back in the late-50’s and early-60’s, there was an Aston Martin that was one of the most desirable sports cars on the planet. It was sleek and sexy with a refined beauty that every moto enthusiast couldn’t help but be head over heels for. But it wasn’t just for show, most importantly it was fast, really fast, thanks to a 3.7L straight six that sent 340hp to the rear wheels. Only 75 examples were made, 94, if you count the 19, made using Zagato bodies, so getting your hands on one nowadays is extremely difficult, and will cost you a boatload of money if you do. Just two years ago, one of those Zagato models sold for a face-melting $14,300,000 at an RM Auction in New York City. Needless to say, it is a highly sought after model.

Because of that popularity, Aston Martin decided late last year that they were going to revive that old masterpiece and create a continuation run of 25 cars that would be finished in late 2017. Just to make sure you understand what I’m saying here, Aston is going to use modern technology to create that original DB4 GT, so essentially a brand new 1959 DB4 GT. As you might’ve noticed, it’s already October of 2017 and Aston appears to be keeping their word because they just released a video of the prototype out testing at the Millbrook Proving Grounds. It’s not quite finished yet, you can see wires hanging out of the dashboard and there appears to be some plastic wrapping on the outside of the car. But aside from that, the car is absolutely stunning, even by today’s standards and expectations.

Aston Martin has been drastically upping their game over the past few years. If you need proof, look no further than the out of this world Valkyrie that’s coming down the pipeline as well as the Vulcan with its loud as hell 820hp naturally aspirated V12. Neither of which fit Aston’s old way of doing things. They are technological masterpieces, especially the Valkyrie, that will be incredible on the race track. With all that fancy new equipment taking up the spotlight as of late, it’s kind of nice to see that they still have a connection to their roots. Bringing back the DB4 GT and selling it as a brand new car is quite brilliant if you stop and think about it. Collectors will swoon over it, plus it gives us that are from a younger generation the opportunity to see one of the classics in its original form.

Now, this is where I have to drop some bad news, even if you have the desire and the means to purchase one of these incredible continuation cars, you can’t because all 25 examples were immediately snatched up. Really though, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering they only made 94 in the first place. Pricing wasn’t released but it’s safe to assume they weren’t cheap and if you had to ask, you couldn’t afford one. But still, it’s interesting to know that there are 25 lucky individuals that will be handed the keys to a brand new 58-year-old car. Check out the brief video Aston released showing the prototype DB4 GT in action and listen to that intoxicating sound of that straight six, that might ease your pain, maybe.

Photo: roadandtrack
Photo: roadandtrack

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