Alaska, the last frontier. It seems like the one place in this country where you can go and experience the real wild. It’s not for the faint of heart, nor is it for a weak vehicle. That’s what makes the FJ62 Land Cruiser the perfect rig for tackling such hardcore terrain. The FJ62 Land Cruiser has been well established as one of the most popular overlanding vehicles in the world. It’s capable, spacious, reliable, and most importantly it’s drop-dead gorgeous. Throw in a dog and a trip to the north, and you have the ingredients for an epic adventure.

John Montesi did just that. Starting in rural Texas Montesi set out to find adventure, and the end goal was somewhere in the wild of Alaska. The trip took him through the heart of North America, seeing many incredible sights along the way. The FJ62 is possibly the best companion you could ask for, after the dog of course. The mighty Toyota has long been considered one of the most overbuilt SUV’s to come to market, making it incredibly resilient. The 4-liter inline-six is anything but powerful, yet it boasts a reliability record that is unmatched. It also produces a consistent 220lb-ft of torque, making it enough to haul around all your goods. Combine that with a basic yet functional 4×4 system, and enough space for all your adventure gear, and you have yourself a go anywhere machine. The FJ was Montesi’s home for the trip, providing shelter and transportation all in one package, showcasing just how perfect the FJ62 really is. I mean, just check out these pictures that John has captured along the way.

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