Straight from the Frankfurt Auto Show, Porsche is out to right their wrongs. And they have done so in a big way.

It is no secret that Porsche pissed off a lot of people when they announced their 991.1 911 GT3 without a manual transmission. When the ‘save the manual’ t-shirt wearing mob showed up with pitchforks in hand, Porsche decided to right the ship. They did so with the 911 R. Only problem was they didn’t build enough, making it an exclusive model with only 991 units total. They basically drilled holes into the ship they just saved.

But once again Porsche is looking to make it right, and they have done a damn good job this time. At the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, Porsche unveiled what they are calling the ‘911 GT3 Touring Pack,’ a GT3 for the everyman. Based on the new 991.2 911 GT3, the Touring Pack is everything you could want in a drivers car, without all the flash. Oh, and did I mention it only comes with a manual? Yeah, that’s right! And because it’s based on the current GT3 it also comes with the same 4.0-liter flat six that revs to 9k and produces a perfect 500hp and 339lb-ft of torque.

This engine isn’t the same 4-liter found in the RS or even the 911 R, it’s an all new design, built specifically for the GT3 lineups using the RSR race car as a proving ground. With a wet weight of 3,116lbs, the GT3 Touring Pack manages the exact same 0-60 as the standard GT3, a scant 3.8-seconds. An interesting note considering the differences in transmissions. And speaking of differences, likely the most substantial of which is the styling.

While the GT3 is in your face ‘racecar’ the ‘GT3 Touring Pack’ is a subtle package through and through. Gone is the giant wing, and the front fascia appears to be slightly re-tooled. The interior is also slightly different. That GT3 badge guarantees the exclusion of back seats, while the front has optional fabric and Alcantara wrapped buckets. Other than a distinctive color pallet the remainder of the interior has gone unchanged.

Thanks to its subtle looks, manual transmission, and impressive naturally aspirated engine the 2018 GT3 Touring Pack is set to be one of the greatest drivers cars to ever come out of Germany. And the best part is unlike the 911 R, this one will be plentiful. Offered as an official model there will be more than enough to go around, all you need is $143,600 USD. Sounds a lot better than that near $1-million dollar R, doesn’t it?

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