If there is one thing about an AMG tuned Mercedes that I love most, it is by far their engines. And I’m not alone. The AMG powerplant has been a fan favorite for years, and yet lately they just don’t have that same zing. I think it’s time to step back and look at one of the last AMG’s that truly blew us away, the C63 507 Edition.


While the C63 is still in production, it really hasn’t been the same since 2014. That was when the massive 6.2 V8 was discontinued, and a little part of us all died inside. Thanks to things like emissions and fuel economy regulations the naturally aspirated V8 is practically extinct. And yet it will always be a favorite for moto enthusiasts, meaning it will never truly die off. And when it comes to N/A V8’s no one does it quite like AMG.

The 6.2-liter engine found in the C63 AMG’s was a great engine on its worst day, producing a minimum 450hp. But the model in question today isn’t the base model, instead, it was the incredible 507 Edition. And you guessed it, it had 507hp. Combine that with 450lb-ft of torque it could hit 60 in 3.7-seconds, and it was good for a top speed of 176mph. And while it did all of this magic is howled like a scolded banshee. The sound a big AMG V8 makes is something that is unparalleled. While I love the high RPM ring of a Ferrari or the snarl of an American V8, I can honestly say they all pale in comparison to the music of the AMG. It’s an earth-shattering rumble that demands your attention, no questions about it.


To make this even better the 507 Edition was offered in 3 body styles, with the obvious best being the Estate. That’s right, a 500hp station wagon. It was a direct throwback the 80’s ‘Hammer’ wagons, but this time even classier. The W204 chassis from 2012-2014 that the 507 came equipped on is easily one of the best-looking Mercedes to date. The details were superbly subtle, you could simply look at it and know what the 507 was about, even if you don’t know a thing about cars. It’s a beautiful harmony between style and performance, exactly what you would expect from a luxury brand like Mercedes.

Unfortunately, the days of the massive V8 are over, and all we can do now is reminisces. It’s not that the new cars are bad, including the newest C63 AMG. But they will never be this good again, that I can assure you.


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