By now Singer Vehicle Design has become a household name with their classic redesigned 911s. Building off of the gorgeous 964 platform, Singer has created arguably the perfect 911, encompassing classic styling cues with modern components. Yet because everyone now knows just how amazing these custom Porsches really are, you’d think they wouldn’t be able to continually leave us in awe. You’d be very, very wrong. Singer has been working with Williams Formula 1 to create the most impressive air-cooled engine to date. The engine boasts a grand total of 500hp, with a massive 9,000 RPM redline. And while the engine is the highlight of this build, it isn’t the only impressive feature.

Although these are only renderings, we know with Singer’s track history that the actual car will come out looking even better in person. While still noticeably a Singer, the new Williams mashup features some key styling difference from your traditional Singer build. That’s because Williams put their years of Formula 1 aerodynamics to work, creating these new body lines. The 911 is now more streamlined than ever before, thanks to key changes tip to tail. They then widened the track, further adding to the lovely curves of the 964. Even with all the modifications they still managed to keep minimum curb weight at a scant 2180lbs, making the new GT2 RS look like a cow in the process. And yet it still isn’t over. Singer isn’t just a wiz with the exterior of these classic 911s, but also the interior. While they have done a remarkable job with their past creations, not a single one can hold a candle this Williams 911. The red detailing is a gorgeous contrast to the Absinthe-green exterior. Every piece is gorgeous and well placed, but nothing stands out as much as that center console with it’s exposed shift linkage. I mean, c’mon, that is the definition of ‘car porn’. I’ve always loved Singer, but they are operating on another level thanks to some help from Williams, just curious how much that ‘help’ is gonna cost…

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