I’m not sure whether to refer to this as a comedy routine, or an actual sport. But either way watching grown men eat shit riding a child’s toy car down gnarly dirt hills is absolutely hilarious. It’s called Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing and it was obviously the brainchild of someone who had some extra time on their hands, and maybe a few sips of Grandpa’s old cough medicine, if you catch my drift.

The concept and rules are very simple: you take one of those “Power Wheels” type toy cars and remove the gearing so the wheels can spin freely. At that point, you’re ready to go. Although we would probably recommend a helmet at least, if not full body protection. Once you’ve found a few other maniacs that are whiling to race you, all you need is to find a hill and it’s game on. Races usually consist of two racers at a time in a heads-up format, the first man to the bottom wins, by any means necessary. If your wheels fall off after you’ve rolled it a few times, pick it up and keep on going.

As you can imagine this is immensely entertaining and crowds started gathering to watch the madness firsthand. Before long it was a popular spectator sport at most offroad parks around the country. Earlier this year, six bold and daring individuals signed up for a double elimination contest that would push their skills to new heights thanks to a faster hill than ones used in previous events. It was held at the Morris Mountain ORV Park in Delta, Alabama and being that it was the “championship”, the fans expected some intense head to head racing with all sorts of carnage. One of the competitors was Matt from Busted Knuckle Films and he’s no stranger to this style of racing. He won two events previously and was heavily favored to win again this year. But there were five other competitors that also had questionable judgment who wanted to take the champ’s belt. Who’s going to come out victorious in the end? The pink FJ Cruiser, John Deere tractor, or the Cat tractor? Place your bets and prepare to laugh your ass off at the madness that is Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing.

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