Rock Bouncers are quickly gaining popularity because they’re loud, fast, rugged as hell, and manage to claw their way up almost any obstacle that’s put in front of them. Normally when these offroad beasts compete it’s a timed event where the fastest man to the top wins, which has resulted in some intense and entertaining competition. Apparently that must get a little boring for these guys because someone came up with the brilliant idea of adding another competitor to run at the same time, in drag race style format. This is awesome for so many reasons. Not only is it head-to-head competition, but if you think drivers pushed themselves when they were racing the clock, imagine what’ll happen when you hear old “Billy Bob” and his big block right next to you. Nothing like combining raw horsepower with a little competition and maybe some ego thrown on top. The Pro Rock racing series knocked it out of the park with this event, so sit back and enjoy 20 straight minutes of Rock Bouncing carnage courtesy of MadRam11.

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