Are you in search of a decadent ride that boasts your status in this world with just a passing glance? Maybe you are an aspiring supervillain, and want everyone to notice when you come rolling up. Either way, you are in desperate need of something unique. No car that resides on any type of showroom floor is good enough, not even a Rolls-Royce. No, what you need is vintage, period correct Cadillac built by a renowned coachbuilder, Carrosserie J. Saoutchik. The famous French coachbuilder was prominent from 1906 until his death in 1955. While he designed many amazing cars over that period, not one of them is as impressive as this 1948 Cadillac.

Legend has it that New York Furrier, Louis Ritter, commissioned this crazy Cadillac. He wanted the Cadillac chassis and drive train so his leading lady could drive it, but he also wanted it to be a convertible. Presumably just to make other folks jealous. Saoutchik gladly accepted the job, creating the wild convertible you see before you today. It was designed and built in Paris, before being shipped to the US in 1949. From there Ritter took an epic road trip, driving the Saoutchik Caddy from New York to Los Angeles. Ritter, being the playboy type, kept the Caddy for only a few months following, before selling it off to make room for his next extravagant purchase. It has traded many of hand since then, waiting for its rightful home. My guess, no one has been a bold enough character to truly appreciate what this car has to offer. If there are mansions in your future, or possibly an evil lair, well then this Saoutchik Cadillac should be on the short list of necessities.

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