Road trips are a great way to experience the many beautiful places located all over the world. However, if you happen to be driving one of the most incredible road cars on some of the most incredible roads, that’s when you start moving into a “dream come true” type situation. Now, imagine you have 18 other like minded individuals all driving that very same car on those very same roads, as a group. That’s exactly what this group of 19 Porsche 918 owners did as they tackled over 900 miles (1,500km) of the most famous Alpine passes on this epic five-day road trip.

I recently talked about the group of Lamborghini’s that tackled the Transfăgărășan Highway, (a.k.a. the “best driving road in the world”) and at the time it didn’t seem like it could get any better than that. But it turns out this group of Porsche owners took that to the next level. A total of 19 Porsche 918 Spyders all gathered in Engadin, Switzerland for the start of a 5-day journey that would land them in Monaco and Nice on the French Riviera. Roughly 932 miles of curvy canyon roads crossing over two dozen of the most famous Alpine passes.

It wasn’t that long ago that a 900-mile journey in a supercar/hypercar would be considered more of a torture than an epic level of pleasure. I say that because having that next level of performance usually required the car to be extremely rigid and uncomfortable. A good example of that was the old Top Gear episode where James May drove that bright yellow Aston Martin Vantage race car of their journey to find “the best driving road in the world.” He was hot, with a sore butt and back, and looked flat out miserable. Granted, he was a driving a race car, but the point remains the same.

Photo: curves

Even though the 918 is fast enough to land itself at the top of the hot lap leader board at the Nurburgring, it’s still quite the comfortable Grand Tourer. It embodies all the fantastic handling characteristics that make Porsche’s so appealing in the first place, which is impressive considering it has 887hp and 944lb-ft of torque on tap thanks to the combined power output of the 4.6L naturally aspirated V8 and two electric motors.

When I saw my first 918 in person and had a chance to talk to the owner, I almost got the impression that it was two cars in one. One being the obvious track eating monster with neck-snapping acceleration thanks to its all wheel drive system. But it was the second one that really shocked me. He said it was one of the easiest, smoothest cars he’s ever driven. He even went as far as to say that even an inexperienced driver could get behind the wheel and have no problems, within reason of course, because no matter how easy it might be to drive it still has almost 900hp and can hit 0-60 in just 2.6 seconds.

Seeing all 19 of these amazing machines all gathered in one location must’ve been spectacular sight, especially if you happen to be leading the pack and looking up in your rear view mirror as they all snake behind you. While most of us may never experience this sort of thing firsthand, there were talented photographers on hand to eternalize this monumental experience to help the rest of us paint a more vivid picture in our minds as we live vicariously through them.

All photos: Curves-Magazin

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