There really is no questioning that sport bikes, or bullet bikes as they were always known to me, are one of the fastest things on the road including some of the most powerful production cars in the world. The R6 made by Yamaha for example has roughly 120hp, but weighs just over 400lbs and is capable of doing the 1/4 mile in around 10 seconds with a top speed close to 200 mph. The main attraction on these bikes is the mind blowing acceleration, and with engines that redline at around 14,500 rpm these crotch rockets can go from 60mph to 150mph faster than almost any vehicle made today.

We see a lot videos where these motorcycles run from the police after they’re attempted to be pulled over. Obviously running from the police is in no way a good idea. Yea, these bikes are just stupid fast, but they aren’t faster than a radio and 99% of the time running from the cops is going to make things so much worse and/or you likely will end up hurt, dead ,or best case scenario you spend some time in the slammer.

What could have happened... PHOTO: Bgdailynews
What could have happened…
PHOTO: Bgdailynews

Well the guy in the following video squeaked by in the lucky ass 1% group that actually gets away with it. It starts out with the rider pulling into what appears to be a park & ride when you all of the sudden see the red and blues come on in his mirrors. So the rider casually makes a turn as if he is going to stop for the policeman, but he doesn’t. He knew he was really close to the interstate so he casually drives out of the park & ride, makes a couple quick turns at fairly normal speeds, but then he hits the freeway and just drops the hammer and proceeds to hit speeds upwards of 150mph for about a minute. He then gets off and starts heading back in the direction he came, only now on a regular road, which we have to admit is fairly clever. But just as he thinks he’s gotten away it, he rides right passed an undercover officer that proceeds to chase him. He opens it back up to mach speeds and gets away again. When the video ends it appeared as if he had gotten away ,but for all we know they caught him just after he stopped recording.

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  1. while I generally applaud anyone who successfully outruns the police, this guy is just straight dumb. Running red lights at150mph is full retard and not necessary in this case

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