Street racing has become more mainstream over the last few years and it seems like there’s “Cash Days” style events held all over the country now. Some of which you can win a pretty substantial amount of money depending on how far you make it in the competition. One of those events is No Mercy 7 where we saw Big Chief pull his first 3.99 in his new Crowmod, and also saw Stevie Jackson take flight in his Fox body Mustang named Shadow. But there’s one other car that really deserves some credit due to its performance at the event, after all, it did win the whole thing.

Photo: speednik
Photo: speednik

It’s a 1968 Camaro called the “Golden Gorilla” and its one of the baddest Camaros we’ve ever seen. Owned and operated by Dwayne Mills and Mills Racing, the Gorilla features a 572 cubic inch Proline racing engine with massive twin 102mm turbos and when this thing is working right it puts down around 4,000hp! That is just straight ridiculous, in the best possible way. Can you even imagine being behind the wheel of that thing when that green light comes on? We’re talking about going from a dead stop to roughly 210mph in 3.7 seconds, oh and that’s in just an 1/8th mile. You’d think that a car like the Gorilla would just dominate the competition with that much power and quickness but there are quite a few other cars that are on that same level now. Hell, the final race at No Mercy 7 was determined by less time than it takes you to blink! Mills ran a 3.765 in the Golden Gorilla and “Nova Joe” in the other lane with his blown GTO ran a 3.781. That’s less than 2 one-hundredths of a second! The grand prize was $60,000, which like most motorsports is only a drop in the bucket compared to what these rigs cost to build. I wouldn’t be surprised if just the motor and turbos alone cost over $60k. But still it’s pretty badass to win, and after all, $60,000 isn’t chump change.

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