You know that feeling you had as a kid when you took your new toy out to play for the first time? Do you remember how happy that made you? I have to imagine that’s exactly what professional drift racer, Ryan Tuerck, experienced when he took his new Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86 out to the Willow Springs International Raceway recently for its debut drift session.

Tuerck fittingly named the car “GT4586” because it sports the same naturally aspirated 4.5L V8 that once powered the iconic Ferrari 458. That, of course, means there’s at least 562hp to the compact Toyota GT86, assuming he left it in stock form.

Taking this project from a bizarre idea to a reality was not an easy thing to pull off. There aren’t any “How To” videos available regarding the proper procedure for installing a Ferrari V8 into an engine bay designed for a small four-cylinder engine. That means there had to have been countless hours of problem-solving and fabrication required in order to build this badass machine.

Photo: dupontregistry
Photo: dupontregistry

Tuerck completed the GT4586 just in time for SEMA 2016 and it looked incredible. I especially liked how he didn’t cover up that gorgeous Ferrari motor with a pesky hood because after all, it is a work of art. But Tuerck didn’t have a chance to take it out and really push the car to the limits. It must’ve been torture to have that incredible machine just sitting there and not out sliding around corners in a flurry of tire smoke like it was built for.

So Tuerck grabbed his new toy and headed out to the Willow Springs International Raceway for the GT4586’s first drift session. He also brought along his buddy and fellow drift racer, Chris Forsberg, and his heavily modified Nissan 370Z so the GT4586 had another car to play with and needless to say, these boys put on quite the show.

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