We love the E46 M3 here at Moto Networks. Considering it possibly the king of all the M’s. So when we heard that someone put a V8 out of an E90 M3 into a clean E46 shell, we were apprehensive, to say the least. But after reviewing the build we might have started to come around to the idea.

The standard E46 BMW M3 was in production from 2000-2006. With the oldest e46 being 17 years old this year, it’s definitely not a spring chicken. Although when it was new, the s54 3.2 straight six engine was a world class powerplant, producing reasonable numbers with a lofty 8,000 RPM redline. And As every source will tell you, the linear power delivery was always praised as being one of the very best in the car world.

When it came to the chassis, the E46 is extremely well sorted, offering a well-balanced platform with extremely crisp steering. The handling was always the highlight of the M3’s charm, often sacrificing raw power for more balance. When BMW built the E46 they built a car that had both, like a ballet dancing linebacker. This perfect combination resulted in Road & Track calling the E46 M3 their favorite sports car of all time. Oh, and that was in 2009, three years after the E46 had ceased production.

So with a car like that how could you possibly improve on it? Well for Technica Motorsports out of Atlanta Georgia, it was fairly simple; take the S65 4-liter V8 engine from the E90 M3 and slap it into a gorgeous example of an E46. I’ll let Matt Farah of the smoking tire fill in the rest, check it out below.

While I like the originality and the fact that Technica Motorsports did a spot on job of making it look factory, it’s just not my cup of tea. Is it cool? Absolutely. Would I do it? Nooooo. For me, the straight six is the heart and soul of the M3 series, a character that adds to the entire M experience. While I can appreciate what Technica Motorsports was going for I would have much rather have a dialed S54 any day, but maybe that’s just me.

Well what do you think, take it or leave it? Feel free to leave a comment below and Let us know what you think.

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