Underground Racing is the unofficial king when it comes to highly modified Lamborghini’s. Their twin turbo systems have helped set numerous speed records at shootout events all over the country. Just recently a couple UGR Lambo’s dominated the TX2K17 Roll Race event, with one bright yellow example taking home the top spot. The Nissan GTR might be the king of quarter mile racing, but when it goes beyond that the Lambo’s start to pull ahead, literally and figuratively. Another bright yellow Underground Racing Huracan proved the companies dominance yet again recently at the wannaGOFast 1/2 mile event at the New London Airstrip in North Carolina when it blasted off a world record 250mp run.

Photo: streetracemag and Joe Alonzo

That might only be a few mph faster than Richard Fowler’s run of 247mph that he set last year at a Shift Sector event in Oregon. But still, it’s 3mph faster and in the world of top speed racing, each MPH up above 240mph are hard to come by, especially in such a short distance. That is why you see these supercars fitted with twin turbo systems that jump the horsepower up over 2,500. Apparently, this bright yellow Lambo that hit 250mph has as much as 3,000hp coming from the 5.2L V10. That is just ridiculous, but so awesome at the same time. And what’s interesting about these UGR builds, is that you wouldn’t notice just by looking at them. They actually pride themselves on maintaining most of the stock looks even though they are more than quadrupling the power output. Pretty impressive right. The car happens to be owned by Gidi Chamdi, and you might recognize that name from previous UGR events because he used to own a gorgeous white Gallardo that set a few records along the way as well. Point being that this wasn’t his first rodeo, and that was pretty obvious after the 250mph run.

As I thought about this incredible achievement, It got me thinking whether this car could be the first “production-ish” supercar to hit the elusive 300mph mark. Just a few months back M2K pushed their heavily modified Ford GT pushing out more than 2500hp to a record breaking 293.6 mph. And that’s the closest anyone ever come to reaching the 300mph mark, at least that I’m aware of. That also tells us that it’s theoretically possible to reach speeds up over 290mph, so why not 300? If the GT managed to do it, and with “only” 2500hp, why wouldn’t it be possible for the 3,000hp Huracan to grab that additional 6.4mph?

Photo: streetracemag and Joe Alonzo

Gidi’s Huracan probably has more than enough power to accomplish 300mph, but I assume it comes down to gearing and that combined with the human driver variable might be what’s holding the car back from reaching those speeds. As a longtime fan of Lamborghini, and Underground Racing, I would love it if they were the first ones to do it.

What do you think- will we be seeing a 300mph car in the near future? And will it be a Lamborghini with an Underground Racing twin turbo package on it? Or will the guys at M2K be bringing back their GT and beating their own record? I have no doubt that it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of who’s going to be the first to do it. Only time will tell.


Photo: streetracemag

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