Texas is famous for a lot of things and they are pretty proud of those things. One thing that may not come to mind about Texas pride is drag racing, street car drag racing to be precise. Yup, Texas is known for having some of the best street racing events in the country. Races like the Texas Mile and the Texas Invitational are some of the big events as well as countless cash day type of events held somewhere in Texas almost every weekend. They also have an event that is thrown every year called TX2K and the main attraction is the Roll Racing that they do. They also have things like dyno days and a day to show off your car. But considering that there is a minimum of 700 whp just to enter into the contest, that roll racing is why people travel from all over the world to participate or even just to watch.

PHOTO: HREwheels
PHOTO: HREwheels

While the Texas Mile is focused more on top speed because they are running on a longer track, the TX2K is an event designed to focus more on acceleration where they are only running about 1500ft flat out. How it works is the drivers line up and have 350 ft before the starting line to get on pace with each other with a desired speed of 60mph by the starting line. Anytime during that 350 ft the starting line officials controlling the starting tree can flip it to green, then its a bee-line to the finish 1500ft away. Which granted may not seem like much, but remember the minimum is 700 whp and most of the cars are well over 1000whp (that is HP to the wheels!) so its not uncommon for these cars to reach 200 mph.

Today started the qualifying and elimination rounds of the the Roll Racing event and there was a Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo that hit 208mph which is one of the highest MPH recorded in TX2K history. At this event you’ll see everything from heavily modified GTR’s and Lambo’s to the occasional American Muscle like a Viper, Vette, Mustang or Camaro. There was even a Hellcat out there but it got blown away by a GTR. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out over the weekend, we kinda hope that the Lambo wins it all.

Here is a short video of the Action today at the qualifying and elimination round at the TYX2K16

If you want to see more of the TX2K competition here is some coverage from last years TX2K15


Day 2 at TX2k15 with some more roll racing and towards the end will show some of the dyno pulls


PHOTO: Funnyism
PHOTO: Funnyism

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