Guardrails. We drive passed them everyday without giving them a second thought. But yet they are obviously there for a reason and that’s to potentially save someone’s life in the event they go careening off the road. However, when you really look at them it’s almost hard to believe that thin piece of metal would really stop a vehicle. But one professional rally driver and his co-pilot managed to prove just how tough they really are when they overshot a turn and ran straight into a guardrail. Had the Guardrail not been there, Tomasz Kasperczyk and his Ford Fiesta RS would’ve gone barreling down a massive cliff, which wouldn’t have ended well. Needless to say, Tomasz has a newfound respect for guardrails and he’ll never forget this particular stretch of rail.

The miraculous crash took place at the Rally Islas Canarias, which is an international rally event held on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. It’s a beautiful location that slightly resembles the hills of Southern California. But it differs from most other stops on the many different rally championships that come through. Because it’s a tarmac event you see a lot of non-traditional rally cars competing and winning. For example the Porsche 911 GT3 won in 2008,2009 and then a GT3 RS won in 2015. The course is perfect for the 911 because of the tarmac surface combined with countless high-speed twists and turns, most of them with a major cliff to one side, no pressure.

Luckily we get a bird’s eye view of Tomasz and his string of good luck thanks to a helicopter filming the race. You see him coming in hot to the first turn but he managed to save it. Then as he’s going into the second turn, you see him lock up the tires and smash directly into the guardrail. Somehow, someway, this seemingly flimsy piece of metal saved these two men and this car from what would’ve been a horrific accident. Instead, the men walked away unharmed. The Fiesta, however, not quite that lucky. It definitely had some damage, but not even a fraction of what it would’ve been had there been no guardrail.

Photo: thedrive
Photo: FIA ERC Twitter