Says off-road racer BJ Baldwin, calling it the “fastest thing he’s ever experienced.”

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

Sand rails are known to be lightweight and fast, but this 1600 horsepower buggy built by Racer Engineering (known for building trophy trucks) features a twin-turbo small block Chevy and it’s fast as hell! It has more power than a Bugatti Veyron. Imagine the horsepower to weight ratio comparison, it’s mind-blowing. And it’s for sale right now, for $170,000, which all things considered, is that not that steep of a price. I’ve known more than one person to drop six-figures on a sand rail and those were nothing compared to this beast. Hit up any popular dune destination over a holiday weekend and you’ll see hundreds of sand toys that would rival something like this in terms of price, not performance. For that reason we think this will easily sell for the asking price. Enough about toys we can’t afford, enjoy the video…

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