Nothing can take a boring car and turn it into a badass car faster than a good old motor swap. There are numerous examples to choose from such as Ryan Tuerck’s Toyota GT4586 that has a V8 from a Ferrari 458 under the hood, or the Nissan Patrol that smoked Richard Hammond in a Porsche 918 thanks to a highly modified GTR motor under the hood. But this might very well be the king of all motor swaps. It’s a Toyota Prius that’s in the process of getting a transplant of a 1,000hp Hellcat motor.

The brainchild of this obnoxiously badass project dubbed the “PriuSRT8” is the crew at American Racing Headers (ARH). And while there’s very little left of the original eco-friendly little hybrid, it’ll still resemble a Prius from the outside. That’s assuming you don’t notice the racing slicks at the rear or get close enough to notice the NHRA approved tube chassis underneath. That’s right, underneath the classically ugly exterior sits a fully redesigned chassis, which was an absolute requirement because there’s no way the stock car was capable of handling that much power when it came from the factory with just 121 ponies on tap.

Photo: thedrive

You would think the stock Hellcat with 707hp would be more than enough of a power increase for this one of a kind project, but if you’re going to go for such a wild idea you may as well take it all the way. So the crew at ARH decided to coax even more power from the 6.2L Hemi by adding a 4.5L Whipple supercharger and the end results are said to be up over 1,000hp. That should without question make this the baddest Prius anyone ever laid eyes up on once it’s finished.

The first obstacle ARH had to overcome was shoehorning the massive motor into the tiny car. Luckily the fact that they totally rebuilt the chassis helped make that a bit easier, but the next obstacle was figuring out what running gear to use in order to get all that power to the ground. What they ended up with was a Tremec Magnum six-speed transmission sent to a Midwest Chassis custom built Ford 9″ rear end. That should be more than enough to prevent the brute of a motor from twisting the car into a pretzel the first time you open it up. The car won’t weigh much once it’s completed, but with 1,000+hp it’ll be hauling ass at the end of a run so the crew at ARH opted to use a high-quality, reliable brake system from Wilwood, which should have no problem bringing the eco-beast to stop. It’s almost guaranteed to have a trap speed over 150mph, so it’ll likely have parachutes that’ll help too, but that remains to be seen at this stage. Since they plan on using the PriuSRT8 as a drag car, they have to follow the strict rules set forth by the NHRA, hence the NHRA approved chassis.

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They plan on having the car ready for this year’s SEMA show later on this year and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. Normally I wouldn’t be caught dead giving praise to a Prius, but this most definitely has caught my attention. I think it’s a brilliant idea just because it’s so far outside the box. I highly doubt it’ll be street legal in any way, but imagine how great it would be to pull up next to unsuspecting supercar owners at a stoplight and completely annihilate them in a drag race. We will be keeping an eye on this build to see how it unfolds and you can too by checking the American Racing headers Facebook Page for updates.

PriuSRT8 Fabrication Progress

Today’s progress update on the PriuSRT8 ! Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to getting this thing on the ground! #ARH #PriuSRT8 #AmericanRacingHeaders

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ARH PriuSRT8 Update

Big Update! The #PriuSRT8 build is moving! The chassis is now completely done and we are dropping the Supercharged Hellcat Engine in next week! Stay tuned for more!#whipplesuperchargers #arh #americanracingheaders #headers #exhaust #madeinusa #dragracing #racing #tigweld #horsepower #fabrication #welding #cars #prius #v8swap #truehybrid

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Photo: americanracingheadersFB
Photo: americanracingheadersFB
Photo: americanracingheadersFB
Photo: americanracingheadersFB

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