When the opportunity presents itself for you to experience the art and thrill of driving in it’s purest form, in a car that was built as a driver’s car, you take it and enjoy every second of it. It can provide an indescribable feeling and sensation that has to be experienced to really grasp the intensity and euphoria it can bring. And the old school 911 might be the perfect example of driving in its purest form. It’s rear engined, rear wheel drive with no electronic babysitters that will come in and try and spoil all your fun. It’s just man and machine, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Photo: tuthillporsche

Porsche rally specialist, Richard Tuthill, had this experience when he unleashed the 1984 911 SCRS group B rally car on a special testing stage in Sweden. This rally stage has incredibly slippery winter conditions that require special tires fitted with hundreds of 7mm studs. And even then, traction is going to be something the driver will be fighting the entire time behind the wheel. Especially in the old 911’s where the engine sits behind the rear axle and acts like a pendulum as it slides back and forth around corners. And speaking of the motor, it’s a 3.0L flat six that spits out roughly 300 glorious sounding naturally aspirated horsepower. More than enough for this application.

Photo: drivetribe

The things Tutthill does behind the wheel of this Porsche rally car is a site to behold. That becomes quite obvious when you see the in-car footage of how calm he is, even with so many things going on. Anytime a driver makes it look this easy to drive this fast, you know they have a special talent. The way he makes those minute little adjustments that are sometimes too quick to see is what separates the good drivers from great drivers.

The same Porsche 911 SCRS at the Nurburgring
Photo: tuthillporsche

No matter what your skill level, or what car you’re in, driving can be one of the greatest experiences. The point being, that while it might be difficult to enjoy it all the time, you really should seize the day the next chance you get to really tap into the thrill of driving. Even those that genuinely love being behind the wheel will eventually lose their mind in the mundane life of city traffic. But as soon as they can get out on the open road, or offroad, and unleash the beast, everything else just falls into place.



Photo: drivetribe and tuthillporsche

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