The Porsche 911 Turbo S is widely known as a wickedly fast car that’s also reliable enough to be used as a daily driver. But what if your the type fo moto enthusiast that likes to push the boundaries between being exhilarated and terrified. It’s that type of person that the highly respected Porsche tuning shop, TechArt caters to. They have been modifying the iconic sports cars for decades and their latest release is nothing short of extraordinary, from no matter which way you look at it. They call it the TechArt GT Street R and this bright lime green example with the black accents might be the best-looking 911 that I’ve seen in quite some time.

As popular as the 911 is it’s sometimes hard to separate one model from the other, and in some cases I dare say that they can almost blend in with the crowd, which is quite sad considering the performance capabilities of the car. Granted some of the more hardcore models like the 911 GT3 would be the exception to the rule because they are designed to be noticeably more aggressive so the looks are more on par with the performance. And that is exactly why I think this GT Street R is such a beautiful rendition of the 911. Not only is it designed to be more aggressive, but the paint and accents of the car are designed with that in mind which seems to accentuate the visual focal points of the gorgeous car. With looks this good, I hoped the performance had been upgraded as well and TechArt is not one that normally disappoints in this department.

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Like most other aftermarket tuning companies, TechArt is quite secretive as to the exact details as to what the upgrades and modifications entail. But they did give us an overall estimate. The GT Street R has 720hp and 700lb-ft of torque coming from the 3.8L flat six, and that’s a significant jump over the 580hp and 516lb-ft of torque coming from the standard 911 Turbo S. That extra oomph matched up with Porsches all-wheel drive system is the perfect recipe for some serious acceleration, which is something that the 911’s specialize in already. Once you engage the Launch Control you’ll be able to blast off consistent 0-60 times over and over again without you, or the car, breaking a sweat.

As impressive as that is, and I will get back to that in just a moment, I wanted to point out that by no means is this car, or any other 911 for that matter, a straight line speed only kind of car. It’s a drivers car, maybe one of the best all-around driver cars ever made. So that means it needs to handle the bends as well or better than it does the drag strip. TechArt has made sure to focus on that too with all sorts of upgrades and modifications that are designed to improve the aerodynamics of the car. A new front splitter and a rear wing that automatically adjusts based on what that car is doing can apparently increase the downforce by as much as 700lbs. That should really keep you planted when barreling into a corner and also give you the confidence to be able to do so.

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Ok, now that is out of the way, let’s get back to the power delivery thanks to the highly sophisticated launch control system. With 720hp on tap and all-wheel drive, the TechArt GT Street R can hit 0-60mph in just 2.5 seconds. And that’s not a speculated time or manufacturers estimate. That’s not even based on tests performed by TechArt themselves. Instead, it was legitimately tested by the supercar connoisseur himslef, Mr. Shmee, otherwise known as Shmee150 on YouTube. Normally I wouldn’t put a whole lot of weight in a youtuber when it comes to performance testing. But considering that Schmee has earned a reputation over the years of knowing his stuff and also owns quite a few supercars himself, including one of my dream cars the McLaren 675LT. Plus he’s using VBOX equipment from RaceLogic to measure the acceleration which is the same technology that major publications use for similar testing. Speaking of that 675LT, which is a very fast car in its own right, as a comparison it could only manage to pull down 0-60 times of 3.0 seconds on the same day and conditions.

Shmee somehow got his hands on this gorgeous green machine and an open runway where he could blast up and down without concern or reproductions from law enforcement. And what I find to be so impressive about the GT Street R, and Porsche technology in general, is that not only was Shmee able to hit 2.5 seconds in both directions, but he was able to do it over and over again and the only variation was sometimes it would take 2.6 seconds. That level of consistency when the car is being pushed to the limits is rather impressive if you ask me. Especially considering Shmee is not a professional driver, he’s an experienced driver I’ll give him that, but he’s not a pro. Which again speaks volumes towards the driveability of this gorgeous car.


Photo: automobile

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