BMW is doing their best to ensure there’s a performance trim level for every potential buyer of the beloved M4, no matter what the expectations may be. Looking only at the performance models, buyers have the option of choosing the standard M4, the competition package, and the top of the line being the heavily track focused M4 GTS. But what if you have the desire for something more than the competition package, but not something as hardcore as the GTS? You’re in luck because BMW has announced a new model of the M4 called the CS, and it’ll be a more powerful and lighter M4.

The CS isn’t the most powerful or lightest M4 ever built. That title belongs to the hardcore track focused M4 GTS that produces 493hp, roughly 40 more than the CS. The GTS was such a limited run and very few examples were sent stateside. So if you disregard the GTS, the CS will definitely be the most powerful M4 with a total of 454hp coming from the 3.0L twin turbo inline six-cylinder. That’s roughly 10hp more than the competition package and 30hp more than the standard M4. However, the CS will also be limited to only 3000 examples, so we’re splitting hairs here.

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Granted, the M4 CS doesn’t offer a huge jump in the power category, but nonetheless, it does improve the performance specs even if though it’s just ever so slightly over the competition package. According to the manufacturers claimed 0-60 time, the M4 with the competition package can hit 60mph in just 4 seconds flat. The new CS is claimed to have a 3.8 second time, but it should be mentioned that according to a test by Car and Driver they claimed to hit 3.8 in the competition package equipped M4 they had on loan as well. Now that we’ve addressed that, let’s get real here. Nobody buys an M4 for its 0-60 or drag racing capability. You buy an M4 because it’s a driver’s car with all-around driving characteristics that make it the ultimate driving machine.

The M4 CS will have the same suspension setup as the competition package with a few minor changes made to it. Most of the changes will be noticed, other than the additional 10 hp, with the weight savings and aerodynamic efficiency. The CS will borrow some of the weight-saving elements from the GTS, like composite door panels and other small changes with the interior. To address the aerodynamics, the CS also borrows the rear diffuser from the more hardcore GTS however it does get it’s own custom made front splitter which is made of carbon fiber to help with weight. BMW purists will be let down by the the fact that the CS follows in the footsteps of the GTS with no option of a manual transmission. Instead, the DCT gearbox will come standard.

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The trained eye and knowledgeable BMW enthusiasts will be able to notice the subtle differences that separate the CS from other models, aside from the CS badging of course. The CS is slightly more aggressive looking thanks to the splitters, diffusers, and other aero improvements. But with an estimated price tag around $125,000, it’s somewhat difficult to determine why it’s almost $40,000-$50,000 more than the competition package. But then again, the CS will still be an estimated $25,000-30,000 cheaper than the hardcore GTS. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out as more information and test reviews come out on the CS.

Photo: topgear

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