photo: espn
photo: espn

I came across this video from New Years Eve 2011 when Robbie Madison and Levi Lavallee jumped side by side flying through the air at over 350ft feet. This might be one of the most underplayed videos of all time. It could be that there doesn’t seem to be a high quality film, at least the high quality it deserves. But after watching a few different angles, especially the POV from Levi’s sled, you really start to understand how wild this stunt really was.

Robbie Madison id most definitely working his way to becoming the greatest stuntman to ever live with the many different jumps he’s done, his Pipe Dream for example. But to me there was something special about him flying in the air with another rider right next to him, and on a snowmobile no less!

However in my opinion, the star of the show had to be Levi Lavalle and that badass Polaris Snowmobile. I mean think about it, prior to the jump, if we had asked what do you think would jump further a motorcycle or snowmobile it seems like a no-brainier right? But obviously that wasn’t the case at least that night and that jump because Lavallee crushed his previous record landing 412 feet 6 inches from his takeoff point, on a sled! If you haven’t been on a snowmobile in the last 5-10 years, this shows you just how fast and powerful these things really are. Maddison also broke his record that night as he jumped 378 feet 9 inches. So take a walk down memory lane and watch this fantastic stunt.


Test runs when the weather was decent Photo: teamlavalle
Test runs when the weather was decent
Photo: teamlavalle

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